Freezer Beef

Delicious meat from our beef cattle starts with providing clean shelter and fresh bedding. Our cattle are raised on grass forages which are supplemented by additional nutrients and minerals to create a balanced diet.

Cattle that are chosen for eventual freezer beef are grain-finished to produce the marbling which enhances the tender beef flavor that most consumers prefer.

Our cattle are never given growth hormones and we strive to do everything we can to keep them healthy, happy, and thriving.

Freezer Beef

Quarter, Half and Whole Sides of Beef

We offer quarter, half and whole sides of beef available for sale periodically through out the year. All of our beef is processed at Hoffman's Meats located at 13225 Cearfoss Pike Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. When purchasing a quarter, half or whole side of beef, you as the buyer have the option of which cuts of meat you would like from your beef, while also saving money by purchasing in bulk.

If the purchase of a quarter, half or whole side of Beef were to be made, we would be in contact with you to make your meat selections, provide you with the final hanging weight, the total price and when pick up would be available. The price that Richvale Farm charges is $3.50 per pound, the processing fee is charged by Hoffman's Meats. Please see the table below for pricing. The processing fee is subject to change without notice to our farm from Hoffman's Meats.

This option is available several times throughout the year, but due to demand you could be put on a waiting list.

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